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1 The Mansions by Mansley
44 Curzon Street by Mansley
The Knight Residence by Mansley
Amsterdam Identity Apartments
EMA House
Aurelia Residence
The Hillock Residence
Fountain Court Royal Garden
Luxury Suites Madrid - Save 11%
Clarion Suites - Early Bird 10%
Residhome Paris Opera - Save 20%
Altis Prime - 35% discount
PREMIER SUITES Brussels Lounge
EUR € 82.50
European Quarter, Brussels, Belgium
These spacious, air conditioned suites are perfect for both business and leisure guests, giving you ample space to relax in the privacy of your own living quarters. They offer complimentary Wi-Fi to all residents.

With 2016 now well under way we are turning our attention to 2017! We already have 2017 rates loaded in a number of our most popular properties across many destinations. We have some early bird offers loaded, check out the Great Deals section of the website for more information, so we are already well placed for you to start booking for 2017. As well as early bird offers we have some great Summer 2016 and Autumn 2016 offers loaded too.


We have recently added some new properties, and there will be more following over the next few weeks. A couple of highlights from the new properties added are Collingham Serviced Apartments in Kensington, London and Prestige Apartments Banyan Wharf in Islington, London. Collingham Serviced Apartments provides a traditional style apartment in one of our most popular locations and Prestige Apartments Banyan Wharf offers sleek, modern apartments in the trendy borough of Islington close to popular hotspots such as Old Street and Upper Street. More London apartments will be added soon.


We continue to undertake site visits to ensure that the product that we offer you is up to the standards that we demand. Properties in London and Madrid have recently been visited and there are plans for more visits over the coming months. We are pleased to say that what we have been impressed with what we have seen.





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