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Fraser Suites Glasgow
GBP ₤ 107.00
City Centre, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Fraser Suites Glasgow is set in a beautifully-renovated 1850s Victorian building. This stylish residence offers 98 fully-furnished apartments tastefully designed with sophisticated interiors, suitable for both business and leisure travellers.


In April we carried out a site inspection in Lisbon. We visited Altis Suites, Altis Prime and Clarion Suites. All three properties represent very good standards. Centrally located Clarion Suites is ideal for families and larger parties travelling together. Altis Prime and Altis Suites are situated next to each other, just stone's throw away from the main street - Avenida de Liberdade. These two will be a perfect choice for couples looking to stay at an elegant residence in prime location. All Altis guests are invited to use the facilities at the nearby5-star Hotel Altis Grande, including restaurant, bars and a spa.


Aurelia Residence will help your clients celebrate summer in Rome by launching weekly events on its Roof Terrace. Every Friday, from May until September, the guests can enjoy a free barbecue organized by the property. It is a great opportunity to try some of the original products produced by Aurelia's own vineyard: wine and genuine olive oil.


REMINDER: PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam is now available to book on our website. It will open its door for the guests on 15th June 2017.

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