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Serviced Apartments Worldwide Pte Ltd based in Singapore has acquired the website of Mansley Travel Apartments (International) Ltd. on the 1st of July 2012. Serviced Apartments Worldwide Pte Ltd is part of a group of companies which has owned and operated serviced apartments for almost 50 years. For more than 16 years the group has also acted as agent for serviced apartments, boutique hotels and other self-catering accommodation around the world, providing guests with a one-stop shop to select the type and location of accommodation to meet their requirements. Our direct interface with guests during their visits brings home the key priority for anyone staying in an unfamiliar place. It must be clean, well located and have helpful staff. The network of serviced apartments, self-catering accommodation and hotels built up over the 16 years is founded on these principles together with the personal relationships we maintain with principals and managers of the properties.

At Serviced Apartments Worldwide Pte Ltd we will take every opportunity to review continuously the properties we offer, the shear range of product we have means some properties may not be visited for a while. We therefore encourage guests to share their thoughts. This helps fellow travelers to select with confidence their perfect property in the knowledge that the properties we offer are those that we consider to be good value. It also helps us to address problems quickly, if any, and maintain Our Promise. Our ethos is to ensure our guests are always pleased with the way that they have been looked after by Serviced Apartments Worldwide Pte Ltd and our experienced staff have a reputation for doing just that.

At Serviced Apartments Worldwide Pte Ltd we will continuously be adding exciting properties in other destinations around the world. Please let us know if you are looking for accommodation in a destination that is not on the website and we will let you know if we can help.