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Terms and Conditions

Serviced Apartments Worldwide Pte. Ltd

1. You are contracting this accommodation with Serviced Apartments Worldwide Pte Ltd (SAW), a Singapore registered company, Mansley Apartments International Ltd (MTA) acts as its agent. 2. Full payment is required for reservations at the time of booking in the currency of the property by credit card or in one of the other accepted currencies by Master or Visa Card. Your payment will be processed for SAW by MTA (MTA will appear).
3. Please note that when a booking request and payment details are taken at the time of the reservation. Payment is taken by MTA on behalf of SAW as its buying agent. Your payment card details are verified and an authorisation request is sent for the required amount. We will confirm availability and will advise you if your reservation has been confirmed.
4. If due to system glitch or administrative error a booking is confirmed, we have the right to cancel, offer alternative accommodation or a full refund within 48 hours of the reservation being confirmed.
5. Should you make any amendments or alterations to a reservation, it may be necessary to make an administration charge.


6. All cancellations will be subject to a 2% administration charge. Refunds will be made to the value of the booking based on the currency of the property. Notification of cancellations must be received by the date of the properties cancellation period (and acknowledged by us). The majority of properties cancellation periods are 5 days.
7. In the event of cancellation being received within the properties cancellation period no refund will be made. Any exception to this condition will be at the discretion of SAW or its buying agent MTA.
8. Non-arrival for a confirmed reservation will be treated as a cancellation after 24hrs. Any exception to this condition will be at the discretion of SAW or its buying agent MTA.
9. No refund will be made for early termination of a reservation except at the discretion of SAW or its buying agent MTA.
10. SAW ratings: Budget approximately the equivalent to 3 star property. Standard approximately the equivalent to 3 to 3.5 star property. Standard Plus approximately the equivalent to 3.5 to 4 star property. Superior approximately the equivalent to 4 to 4.5 star property. Superior Plus approximately the equivalent to 4.5 to 5 star property. Prestige approximately the equivalent to 5 star and above:

11. All properties will require a credit card imprint (or cash, if no credit card is held) upon arrival against telephone charges, damage etc.
12. All extras must be paid to the property.
13. Neither we nor our agents cannot at any time be held responsible for any bank charges or fluctuations in currency rates.
14. SAW or its buying agent MTA are unable to accept responsibility for errors omissions on our website and information provided by third parties.
15. All taxes are included in our rates, with the exception of nominal local taxes at certain properties.
16. We regret that neither we nor our agents are unable to accept responsibility for loss of luggage or valuables, nor for injury or illness and therefore we strongly recommend that full travel insurance is purchased prior to travel.
17. In the event of having a problem with the accommodation booked this must be brought to the attention of the management of the property and us during the period of stay otherwise we will not be able to assist

These terms and conditions shall be governed by 01 July 2014